Poll: Vast majority of Catholics to attend church on Easter

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A new poll by the Knights of Columbus reveals that a large majority of U.S. Catholics plans to attend Mass this Easter with many also planning to attend Good Friday, the liturgy that marks the passion and death of Christ.

As reported by prnewswire.com, a Knights of Columbus-sponsored poll discovered that more than half of all Americans plan to attend church on Easter (53 percent). Among Catholics, the number rises to 73 percent, and for practicing Catholics, 95 percent.

On Good Friday, 54 percent of Catholics say they will attend liturgies, with 78 percent of practicing Catholics planning to do so.

Good Friday is a time traditionally set aside for prayer, silence and recollection.

“There is no Easter Sunday without Good Friday. Those who take the time to attend the solemn afternoon liturgy will benefit from a rich source of meditation and reflection,” said Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson, “and it will better prepare them for Easter and make it an even more joyous day.”

The survey found that younger Catholics (under 45 years old) are just as likely to attend Easter Mass as those 45 years of age or older (74 percent to 72 percent).

The Marist Poll conducted the survey of 1,271 adults March 19-21.

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  1. March 2018 @ 2:24 pm BBird

    So, the Once-A-Year Catholics will attend Mass. Which of the following is the most likely to occur? 1) They read the Guidelines for HC, 2) A priest has it pointed out to them before Mass, or 3) leave feeling warm, fuzzy and accepted “until next year”? Is this meeting sinners “where they are at” or in fact pandering to slovenly faith formation?

    The opportunity exists for A) getting a contribution from these folks or B) getting into their comfort zone. Which one would Our Lord choose?


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