Invasion of Ukraine questions Catholics’ moral struggle with war, ‘just war theory’

The crisis in Ukraine, provoked by what is almost universally decried as an unjust assault by Russia on a sovereign neighbor, has captured the attention of people across the world.  It’s led to renewed discussions within the Catholic Church about the Christian attitude toward war, the just war theory, and the frightening dangers of escalation….

Alaskan rabbi gives impassioned prayer for peace before U.S. Senate

During his two-minute prayer he beseeched God to guide senators amid a world increasingly fraught by acts of terror.
“In these troubling times when misguided people use religion to commit the greatest crimes against humanity, by stabbing and murdering innocent men, women and children, in the Middle East, in Europe in Israel, in the US…may you grant, Almighty God that the members of this honorable body have the wisdom and the courage to embody the universal values of the seven commandments which you Almighty God issued to Noah and his family after the great flood, the foremost of which is not to commit murder.”

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