Catholic Anchor launches new website


The Catholic Anchor has launched a new website featuring a number of upgrades aimed at enhancing visitor navigation and interaction.

The new website is compatible with all mobile devices, allowing easy access via smart phones, tablets and personal computers.

Visitors will find an increased number of photos, displayed in a larger format. Additionally, readers will be able to comment on all articles, columns and editorials.

The new website includes opportunities for local businesses and other organizations to purchase online ads. The website also contains links to the Catholic Anchor Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Content from past issues, dating back to 1999, will be accessible to readers online. This archival content is in the process of being entered into the website and will incrementally increase throughout the year.

As with the older website and the current print edition of the newspaper, the new website exhibits a high priority on local news that impacts the Catholic Church in Alaska.

The website also contains breaking news, additional columns and timely notices about events which may not appear in the monthly print edition, due to deadline and space limitations.

To view the new website, go online to:

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  1. September 2014 @ 6:51 am John Erkmann

    Looking forward to this new site, new and improved.


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