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As Alaska’s marriage law unravels, we must speak the truth

While the judges have taken over the game on marriage, it is only at the 11th hour. For the past 40 years the old norms have been under relentless attack. Marriage has declined; divorce and cohabitation have climbed; and out-of-wedlock pregnancy has skyrocketed. The old deviancies have become the new norm, and the old morality the new deviancy. The children have suffered the worse, and because of that the future looks bleak.

EDITORIAL: How the Catholic Church changes

While the synod certainly included energetic debates on how to best reach out to those who have suffered from divorce and those who live with same-sex attraction, in the end there was a resounding affirmation of the church’s long-standing teachings on these important issues. We must not be surprised if the church is unbending in affirming long-standing teachings even as it grapples with new applications. This is the kind of institution Christ established — a living church that moves through the variables of history while always inviting, urging and challenging each new generation to embrace the unchanging truth of Jesus Christ.

AK governor candidates’ views on key social issues

In an effort to inform Alaskans about candidates and their positions on issues important to Catholic voters, the Catholic Anchor solicited responses to a questionnaire from the four candidates running for Alaska Governor: incumbent Republican candidate Gov. Sean Parnell, non-affiliated candidate Bill Walker, Alaska Constitutional Party candidate J.R. Meyers and Libertarian candidate Carolyn Clift. All candidates responded except for Clift, whose positions could not be ascertained from either her website or her public statements on the issues listed below.

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