Finance director sharpens skills


Anchorage Archdiocese Director of Finance & Insurances Monika Scott recently participated in a 10-day program at Notre Dame that aimed to serve Catholic organizations by offering executive education that addressed challenges within the church.

Scott, who has worked in finances for the archdiocese for 12 years, took part in the summer Catholic Leadership Program offered by the Mendoza School of Business at the University of Notre Dame. The program was created to serve the needs of executives and managers in Catholic organizations and is the result of an ongoing philanthropic commitment from the Mendoza College of Business and Nonprofit Professional Development.

Scott said the training gave her “a deep appreciation for the trust and commitment of our diocesan administration to invest in the talents and education of our employees.”

In particular she said training in the church’s canon Law as well as civil law was “extremely helpful for me to understand our place in this ever changing world of business.”

Scott also came to realize the importance of communicating the language of accounting into terms that will “resonate with the people you might most want to understand our situation and our mission.”

“Perhaps the most concrete teaching was to always be in touch with your mission, and the need to adapt your mission to the present reality,” she said.

Workshops explored issues such as: Preparing for evaluations in areas of leadership, organization and resources; strategic planning; analyzing revenues and expenses; the importance of clear messaging and feedback, the ongoing impact and response to immigration issues; employment law and anti-discrimination; and challenges facing nonprofit boards.

'Finance director sharpens skills'
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