Alaska continues to push LGBT agenda in schools

The State of Alaska is continuing its efforts to push educators in encouraging children to experiment with alternative genders including transitioning away from their biological sex.

Late last year the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development partnered with the Department of Health and Social Services to sponsor a conference that included instructing educators on how to assist students — elementary age and older — who wish to transition away from their biological sex and identify otherwise. The conference also urged teachers to keep this information from parents who may take issue with the school enabling their child’s gender experimentation.

In preparation for an upcoming conference this spring on preventing sexually transmitted diseases, the state is continuing its promotion of gender theory in issuing a call last month for presentations on topics such as “Sexual health promotion for LGBTQ individuals” and “LGBTQ inclusivity in the health care setting.”

A Jan. 5 email from Jenny Baker, Adolescent Health Project Coordinator for Alaska’s Division of Public Health, called for abstracts for the upcoming May 8-10 conference in Anchorage.

The conference website states that it will “Bring together public health and health care professionals and providers in the behavioral, medical, social services and education fields” to share the “newest information available on HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STDs and related health issues.”

Baker was a featured speaker at the most recent Alaska School Health & Wellness Institute this past October, where she guided teachers and school nurses through ways to advance what she said many might consider to be “controversial” sex education in their school districts.

She told attendees that sexually transmitted infections are on the rise among Alaska’s youth but pregnancies are dropping. She credited the increased use of “birth control, like pills, IUD shot, patch, ring” as a possible reason for the decline in teen pregnancies. Abortion also plays a role, she said, while noting that more measures need to be taken.

During the same workshop Baker acknowledged that “talking about sex education and talking about sex in general is controversial” and that some parents and school boards don’t support it. Nonetheless, she encouraged Alaska educators to push for “comprehensive” sex education that includes explicit instruction on the proper use of a condom, how to procure and utilize a wide range of contraceptives and how to understand and accept gender roles, gender identity and sexual orientation, among other topics.

To contact Alaska Gov. Bill Walker go online to gov.alaska/contact or call his office at (907) 465-3500.

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  1. February 2017 @ 10:12 pm Paul

    What other evidence do we need that materialist and secular forces in our culture promote such an anti-person philosophy that destroys lives has a causal element beyond this world? It makes me wonder if we Protestants did not make a rather large mistake leaving the church weak and society vulnerable to this diabolical takeover. Perhaps we should have attempted to reform the Church itself.


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