Alaska Senate passes bill to restrict abortion providers from public schools, boosts parental rights

The Alaska Senate passed legislation on Feb. 26 that prevents Alaska’s public schools from contracting with abortion services providers for course materials or to provide instruction relating to human sexuality.

Introduced by Sen. Mike Dunleavy of Wasilla, Senate Bill 89 also ensures a parent has the right to direct the education of his or her public school child, including the right to object to and withdraw the child from state-mandated tests, and from activities or classes on sexual matters which parents find objectionable. And the bill prohibits public schools from administering student questionnaires that inquire into personal or private family affairs of the student.

The legislation passed with an 11-7 vote. Joining Dunleavy in passing the bill were: Senators Mia Costello, Cathy Giessel, Kevin Meyer, Anna MacKinnon, Peter Micchiche, Donny Olson, John Coghill, Pete Kelly, Charlie Huggins and Bill Stoltze.

Opposing the bill were Senators Gary Stevens, Click Bishop Johnny Ellis, Bert Stedman, Lyman Hoffman, Dennis Egan and Berta Gardner

Dunleavy defended the bill as protecting and upholding parental rights while kids are in schools.

“We don’t need abortion providers in the schools to teach human sexuality,” he said. “We have parents and teachers to do that. Parents are there to teach values. We weren’t sent here to represent the abortion industry. We were sent here to represent parents.”

Click here to listen to Sen. Dunleavy’s statement on SB 89.

'Alaska Senate passes bill to restrict abortion providers from public schools, boosts parental rights'
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