Bill to restrict abortion providers from Alaska schools heads to Senate Judiciary

A bill to restrict Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from teaching or distributing materials in Alaska’s public schools passed out of the Senate Education Committee and on to the Senate Judiciary, where it is not yet scheduled for its next hearing.

Introduced by Senator Mike Dunleavy, Senate Bill 191 will provide for civil penalties and the revocation or suspension of teacher certificates for those instructors who violate the proposed law by inviting abortion providers and their legal affiliates into classrooms for instructional purposes.

Senate Bill 191 states that abortion providers may not “present or deliver any instruction or program on any topic to students at a public school. Abortion providers that violate the proposed law would be “liable to civil action for a penalty of $5,000 or actual damages, whichever is greater, plus costs and reasonable attorney fees, to each aggrieved student or the student’s estate.” Additionally, a school board member who violates the proposed law would not be eligible to receive state funds on or after the date of the violation.

For more information about the bill go to and enter SB 191.

A companion bill, House Bill 352, has been introduced in the Alaska House by Rep. Lynn Gattis.

Click here to contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

'Bill to restrict abortion providers from Alaska schools heads to Senate Judiciary'
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