Holy Rosary grads praise school for ‘elevating the mind,’ inspiring faith

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This spring, Holy Rosary Academy will celebrate the graduation of its largest class in recent years. Seven full-time students, and three part-time students will participate in the 2016 commencement exercises on May 18 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Co-Cathedral. The seniors have collectively been offered over $1 million in scholarships from colleges and universities across the country. The following are short profiles of each of the students.

Therese Knox

Therese Knox has attended Holy Rosary Academy for three years and is grateful for the well-rounded liberal arts education she received. “I appreciate the integration of philosophy and theology into my courses, and the discussions we’ve had,” she said. Of all of the courses that she took, ancient seminar has been the most groundbreaking for her. “It’s when I first got the full experience of the liberal arts education, and that was the first big stepping stone to expanding my mind to be able to think well.” Attending a Catholic school has taught her to not take her faith for granted, and she would strongly encourage anyone to attend a Catholic school, as it will “elevate the mind to think of the great things, and grow closer to God.” She has competed and won in Latin declamations at both the school and state level. She has played significant roles in three school drama productions. For her future college plans, Knox is weighing between taking classes locally while working and continuing to participate in church choir, or moving to Japan to work and be closer to her grandfather.

Sangj Nguyen

Sang Nguyen has attended Holy Rosary for five years. Sang has most appreciated how reason and faith are incorporated together, and within all of the subjects. “Holy Rosary has made me not just accept my faith, and what people tell me about my faith, but really understand it and know why those concepts are true.” He enjoyed the wisdom of the ancients being an essential part of his education. He especially enjoyed Euclid, because “it really taught me to think logically, and go from step to step in our process of thinking.” During his time, he competed in and coached several sports; additionally, he has won multiple sportsmanship and leadership awards. He has won two science fairs, and several Latin declamations. He has been in the National Honor Society throughout all of high school and was accepted at seven colleges and universities while being offered a total of $360,000 in scholarships. He will be attending the University of California at Irvine, studying biological sciences with a premed track, hoping to one day become a pediatrician.

Arianna Fouch

Arianna Fouch has attended Holy Rosary Academy since the 1st grade. The close-knit community has been a very meaningful part of her school experience. Her faith has grown throughout her education as a result of being able to express it so freely, she said. Fouch would encourage anyone to consider Catholic education, saying, “It’s really a great experience. Even if you’re not Catholic, it’s something that’s very good, since the school is about logic, and faith and reason.” She has acted on stage and assisted behind the scenes for school drama productions. She won first place for Latin declamations at the school and state level. She has won several citizenship and virtue-based awards. She was accepted into all six schools to which she applied and will be studying nursing at Aquinas College in Nashville, where she will receive $16,176 in annual scholarships. She hopes to be a nurse in the labor and delivery unit or in the NICU.

Monica Klump

Monica Klump has been a student at Holy Rosary since kindergarten. When speaking of her Catholic education, she expressed a deep appreciation for her theology classes, especially apologetics. “It’s really interesting learning how to defend my faith, and to think about different ways to approach the topic.” She also reflected that attending Holy Rosary has made her more aware of God in all aspects of her life, and that it’s really made her and her classmates aware that faith is not just for Sundays. In addition to being a dedicated student academically, Monica played and coached several sports. Additionally, she earned a perfect score on the National Greek Exam, and acted in several roles in the school’s drama productions. She was accepted into all six colleges to which she applied, and has chosen to pursue nursing at Benedictine College, where she will receive $66,000 in scholarships. She intends to be either a geriatric nurse or a psychological nurse.

Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas has also attended Holy Rosary since kindergarten. “What I most appreciate about my Catholic education is what I’ve learned regarding how to act when I’m around people, especially being kind to others.” She also shared with the Catholic Anchor that attending the school has deepened her faith. To anyone considering a school like Holy Rosary, she encourages them, remarking that everyone is so nice, and that one can learn a great deal from the teachers. Throughout her time at the school she has been active in track and field and volleyball. At the regional level, she has won the Best Female Field Athlete Award. She has also participated in drama and Greek and Latin declamations.

Patrick Droege

Patrick Droege has attended Holy Rosary since his freshmen year. He played on the soccer team every year, and acted in multiple drama productions. He has especially appreciated the individualized attention that comes from having smaller classes. Droege has a unique perspective, in that this year he took part-time classes at Holy Rosary and part-time classes at South High School. Through this experience he observed that there is certainly a different way of thinking through academics that he learned while at Holy Rosary. He hopes to one day enter the field of engineering or aviation.

Richard Malloy

Richard Malloy has attended Holy Rosary since sixth grade. His experience has been unique among many of his peers insofar as he is not Catholic. Coming from this point of view, he has enjoyed learning about the Catholic faith, and has felt that his own faith has been enriched as a result. “It’s edifying to learn about this (Catholic) worldview, even if I don’t actually believe in it,” he said. “It does make me think a lot about what I believe.” Like many of his classmates, he believes his seminar classes have been the most enriching. Modern seminar in particular stands out because “the works we read in that class really delved into the human person, and the insight from reading the works and the discussions are going to stay with me for the rest of my life.” He would encourage other non-Catholics to attend a Catholic school because values learned will benefit anyone as a developing person. Malloy had leading roles in several drama productions and Latin declamations during his time at Holy Rosary. In the future, he hopes to go into the field of game design.


Three additional students, Heather Siebs, Caitriona McMorrow and Joseph Kemper, are either primarily homeschooled, or attend a local public school, but have supplemented their education through classes at Holy Rosary on a part-time basis. Although they are not officially graduating seniors of Holy Rosary they will participate in the school’s commencement ceremony in recognition of their efforts and accomplishments.

'Holy Rosary grads praise school for ‘elevating the mind,’ inspiring faith'
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