Parish profile:  Holy Cross, Anchorage

By Deb Seidl
The North Star Catholic

Holy Cross Parish is one of the smallest parishes in the Anchorage city limits, with about 350 registered families. The parish was established on July 22, 1984, by Archbishop Francis Hurley. The first Mass was celebrated at Abbot Loop School with a cross placed at the corner of Lake Otis and Lore Road to mark the church’s future home. With growing church attendance, services were moved to the storefront at the Postal Plaza in 1990. In the summer of 1993, the church’s construction was complete, and Archbishop Hurley dedicated the church on September 12, 1993.

Holy Cross has a well-stocked parish library with 3,266 books that can be checked out by our parish librarian. Before COVID, parishioners prayed for vocations with The Vocation Cross, where each week a new family takes the parish vocation cross home and prays for vocations.

During normal times this grassroots parish had regular pancake breakfasts and spaghetti feeds hosted by the Knights of Columbus and Filipino potlucks.

With less people gathering indoors due to COVID, more people have been utilizing the Stations of the Cross Path outside on the parish grounds. The path is open to all who want to pray the stations, outside.

Holy Cross has an incredibly diverse congregation with many cultures, including Filipino, Latino, Polish, and Native, to name a few. We have everything the larger parishes do but a smaller staff family to minister to the parish needs.

Holy Cross Parish, 2627 Lore Rd Anchorage, AK 99507,, and Holy Cross Parish Anchorage on Facebook.

'Parish profile:  Holy Cross, Anchorage'
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