Soldotna talk to explore whether Christ’s relics are real

A presentation on the alleged relics of Christ will take place Monday, May 16, at Heritage Place in Soldotna.

Presented by local historian and former U.S. Senate candidate Bob Bird, who has studied the Shroud of Turin extensively, the talk will examine the scientific and historical evidence for the existence of Christ’s relics.

“Some have a nearly indisputable scientific and historical certainty to have belonged to him,” Bird wrote in an email sent to the Catholic Anchor.

The presentation will last two hours with a break. Relics to be discussed include the Shroud of Turin, the Holy Grail of Valencia, the Crown of Thorns, the Sign of Crucifixion, the Robe of Trier and others.

The presentation will include the display of a life-sized replica of the Shroud of Turin relic, said to have been the burial cloth of Christ.

“Is it possible that relics exist that belonged to … the Son of God, and after 2,000 years?” Bird wrote. “Yes, it certainly is, for if the earliest Christians knew that Jesus was the Messiah, they certainly knew that whatever belonged to him would be important.”

“However, the existence of these alleged relics is in itself a miracle,” Bird added. “Barbarian invaders, Norsemen, the Protestant Reformation, the French Revolution, all destroyed many Christian relics.”

'Soldotna talk to explore whether Christ’s relics are real'
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