Students tackle moral dilemmas in philosophical thesis defenses


Juniors and seniors at Holy Rosary Academy in Anchorage continued the annual spring tradition of publicly defending philosophical thesis papers.

The practice explores moral and philosophical dilemmas and resembles thesis defenses that many students are required to give in college.

Each year juniors and seniors at Holy Rosary must develop an original philosophical thesis and then defend it before an invited panel of judges, usually consisting of local clergy, college professors, teachers and others. The event, which is usually well attended, is open to the entire school and the general public.

During the defenses, students read their papers and then respond to challenges raised by the panel and audience members.

As in past years, this year’s defenses touched on varied topics.

Defenses given by juniors included “Whether an appreciation of beauty is necessary for the fullness of life,” by Karina Biegel; “Whether people have different capacities to receive love,” by Jessica Smith; “Whether one has an obligation to appear happy,” by Anne-Marie Droege; “Whether different standards of modesty are acceptable based on culture,” by Anna Jemmings; “Whether it is better to worship God with false gods or not at all,” by Victoria Zipay; “Whether man has a greater obligation to his family than to his country,” by Lee Cookson.

Senior thesis defenses included the following topics: “Whether it is morally acceptable to partake in entertainment containing obscene content but good moral lessons,” by Justin Klump and “Whether the experience of evil is necessary for the knowledge of good,” by Jacob Owens.

'Students tackle moral dilemmas in philosophical thesis defenses'
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