Vatican approves laicization of former priest of Anchorage Archdiocese


Anchorage Archbishop Roger Schwietz announced that J. Michael Hornick, formerly a priest of the Anchorage Archdiocese has been laicized and has lost his rights and obligations as a cleric for the Roman Catholic Church.

The announcement came on April 29 after the Vatican approved the removal of J. Michael Hornick from all priestly duties.

In December 2010 he was initially suspended of all priestly ministries, which means he could no longer identify himself as a priest or wear priestly clothing and had no faculties to celebrate any sacraments.

The Vatican’s recent decision has made this decision final.

The complete statement from Archbishop Schwietz regarding J. Michael Hornick can be read here.

'Vatican approves laicization of former priest of Anchorage Archdiocese'
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