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Priests must preach the hard truths, but with compassion

When I first began my ministry in Russia 20 some years ago I recognized two subjects were off limits for me to speak of with my parishioners — alcoholism and abortion. Although most of the parishioners were affected by the disease of alcoholism either though a spouse, a relative, neighbor or friend no one wanted to talk about what to do. I knew that most every woman sitting before me every Sunday had undergone an abortion — and most likely numerous abortions. And the men as well sitting before me probably played a major role in those decisions.

Catholic Social Services’ broad mission provides strategic ‘works of love’

Catholic Social Services in Alaska has eight different programs, each and every one of which could stand alone, but they all stand together under our mission to compassionately serve the poor and those in need, strengthen individuals and families, and advocate for social justice. The fact that we have a diversity of programs speaks to the needs in our community. Catholic Social Services has built itself to grow and fit with the needs of our population. Our broad mission allows that flexibility.

Give your kids chances to give

One of the kids had brought $5 from home to buy Pokemon cards. But, because of bad behavior, that didn’t happen. Mom drove out of the Target parking lot and no one was happy. It was then they saw a man, with a woman and two children, holding a sign: “No job. Have kids. No food. Please help. God bless you.”
“Aren’t you going to stop Mom? We need to help,” came a voice from the back seat.

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