Editor’s note: The following comments were published in the July issue of the Catholic Anchor.

All laws ‘legislate morality’

Geoff Kennedy’s column in the June issue, “Voting, public places and morality,” provided food for thought. One statement deserves more attention: “Governments should be limited to protecting us from harm and should not legislate morality.” The second half of this phrase, though a common sentiment, is false. Every law legislates morality. For example, our society says (rightly so) that it is wrong to murder a person; consequently, we enact laws (through our government) that penalize individuals found guilty of murder. The impetus for the laws is the moral judgment that killing an innocent person is wrong. Murder is an especially strong case; but every law, from traffic rules to banking regulations, grows from a conviction that some actions are good and should be encouraged, while others are wrong and should be discouraged. That conviction is fundamentally moral. The question is, which morality will inform our laws? Catholics must bring the truth about God and man to the table of civil discourse so that our laws build a more just and decent world.

— Rudy Poglitsh, Wasilla

Holy Rosary in good hands with new leaders

Catherine Neumayr and her guidance as principal these last seven years will be greatly missed by all who frequented the halls of Holy Rosary Academy. She is correct, however, in remarking in last month’s Anchor article that the school is being handed off to excellent leadership. Mrs. Lisa Williams and Mr. Austin Welsh are familiar with not only the students, families and staff at Holy Rosary, but understand and support the makings of a classical education. Graduates of this small jewel of a Catholic school in Midtown Anchorage leave fully prepared to think on their feet and artfully state their opinion and defend the faith. They leave prepared to rise to most any occasion. Welcome to the new leadership team.

— John C. Fleming, Anchorage (Member of Holy Rosary Board of Trustees)


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