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The Sixth isn’t the only commandment

Father Tad Pacholczyk’s December column about “good guilt” told some, but not all, truth.

As the 1960s promised to “free” us from our inhibitions about sex, so the 1980s promised to “free” us from our inhibitions about selfish materialism. Today our secular-valued society preaches “Greed is good” and rewards the crooks for inflicting the Great Recession on America and the rest of the world as politicians declare their loyalty to anti-Catholic atheist Ayn Rand who called selfishness a virtue and considered altruism a vice.

I personally have been accused — sometimes by a fellow Catholic or two — of “Catholic guilt” for advocating public policy based on the teachings of Jesus.

Unless we actively support his Second Commandment, we’ll have plenty to feel guilty about.


— Geoff Kennedy, Anchorage

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