LETTERS: Remembering the ’64 quake/ Catholic Apps/ Deacons’ wives

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‘64 quake shook 7-year-old Mass attendee

The April article, “64 Good Friday quake grabbed Rome’s attention, led to archdiocese,” also grabbed my attention! In the early 1960s our family attended Holy Family Cathedral while my father was stationed at Elmendorf AFB. I was attending Mass at the cathedral on that fateful day of the 1964 earthquake with my older sister and my father. I witnessed the statue of Jesus fall to the floor with a mighty crash. That four-minute earthquake seemed an eternity for a seven-year-old kid. My sister and I looked to my father, and he said, “PRAY.” There was no noticeable damage inside the church when it was over and we were all relieved. Unfortunately when we exited the church we were surprised to see what looked like a war zone outside. I was glad to read that the statue was restored.

— William LaBerge, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Catholic apps don’t detract from prayer

Is the rosary any less of a rosary because it happens to be loaded to the phone? Are the readings any less the Word of God if they appear on a phone? Is a priest’s homily any less of a homily because he reads his notes from a tablet instead of a sheet of paper? I sometimes listen to chanted hymns on my phone during adoration – does that make my time before the Blessed Sacrament any less prayerful?

— Mike McCarthy, Palmer


Reader grateful for deacons and wives

In response to the July article “Wives and their deacons,” Deacon Jim (retired) and I ministered together a few times, but each of us had different gifts. I will always be proud of him and our place in the Archdiocese of Anchorage. We owe gratitude to Archbishop Emeritus Francis Hurley for leading the deacon community through the early years. Without him, I don’t think the program would have gotten its start. Our thanks also to Archbishop Roger Schwietz for being an amazing leader. God bless each and every deacon and, for those with wives, their wives active and retired. We love you all and pray for you daily.

— Gini Hostman, Alsea, Oregon

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