Letter to Editor: Perplexed why children are no longer Catholic

My wife Mary and I raised nine children in Alaska. All were baptized in the Catholic faith and all participated in the CCD classes and/or Catholic school. My number four and I had a conversation yesterday on the subject of how many and who of our family still practice the Catholic faith. We determined that each of the children still profess and believe in the basic teachings that were an intimate part of their lives. However, they have each taken different paths in following the apostolic teachings of our Catholic faith. None of them professes that they are Roman Catholic. As a Roman Catholic deacon (ordained in Anchorage), I find this perplexing but, as in all things, I have long since placed them in the hands of the Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray.

— Deacon Ray W. Allor, Online submission

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  1. March 2019 @ 10:03 pm Robert Bird

    Dear Deacon: Entrusting your children to CCD and Catholic Schools was likely a sure-fire way to lose them. You did not mention it, so I don’t know if you did this, but it is the parents, not the schools or the parish programs, that must impart the faith. Not only in the basics — drilling the catechism — but in your daily example. “Memorization” is considered bad pedagogy these days, but the Church in its Wisdom has proved otherwise. Critical thinking cannot take place in a vacuum. A former bishop once asked, “What do YOU think about the Church’s teaching regarding contraception?” He did NOT state, “THIS is the Church’s teaching regarding contraception. And here’s why …”


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