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The following are reader responses to Catholic Anchor articles, both online and in print.

Eileen brings laughter, joy to the archdiocese

In my time of working for the Archdiocese of Anchorage, I can’t help to say what a joy it was to have worked with Eileen Kramer. Her dedication and commitment in her service are exemplary, especially in making sure that the remote parishes had access to the Eucharist by scheduling a priest to celebrate Mass or by sending a sister, deacon or lay leader to bring Communion there. Eileen also has a wonderful way of making one feel welcomed and appreciated. When I trod to the third floor of the chancery in Anchorage, I always knew that I would leave Eileen’s office with a good share of laughter and joy. I wish you all the blessings, Eileen. Enjoy retirement!

— Sister Frances Vista, DC, Daly City, Calif.

Be an abolitionist on November 8th

If slavery were on the ballot November 8, would you be for or against it? Do you think one person can completely own another? Do you think it is right that one person can mistreat, abuse and even kill their slave with no legal repercussions? Do you think it is right and just that the slave, though a human himself, is owned by another and accorded no human rights?

The two parties are clear where they stand on this issue. One major party platform clearly advocates for slavery as a fundamental right and seeks to expand it and to increase taxpayer funding for it. Conversely, the other major party’s platform clearly opposes this evil practice and promised to stop funding it.

Be assured that a form of slavery is on the ballot this November. We call this slavery abortion. This is the human rights issue of our age.

Where do you stand? Will you vote for the slavery of the unborn? Or do you have the courage to be an abolitionist? Remember, only those who were free defended the institution of slavery and only those already born defend the institution of abortion.

— Laura Burke, Kenai

Congrats to the new Anchorage archbishop

Your Excellency, congratulations on your promotion to archbishop of Anchorage and assignment to Alaska. New adventures await with remote parishes accessible only by boat or plane! Good hunting up there also. May God continue to bless you and your ministry to your Anchorage Archdiocese.

— Steven M Melia, Cheyenne, Wyo.

God bless incoming Anchorage archbishop

Congratulations, Bishop Paul Etienne! What an amazing journey you’ve had! So happy for you and the people you’ll serve! God bless you!

— Sally Stevenson, Online submission

Congratulations to Bishop Etienne

Bishop Paul Etienne, congratulations on your new assignment as archbishop of Anchorage. Wow! I worked in Alaska for years. It is a beautiful place. God bless you.

— Deacon Glenn Breed, Online submission

Pray for archbishops and our nation

Please let’s all pray this month to Saint Joseph, the patron of the Archdiocese of Anchorage and of the Universal Church, for the intentions of our retiring and new archbishops. Also, as the protectors of the Child Jesus from Herod’s slaughter, let us beg Saint Joseph and our Lady to intercede for the election of national and local candidates who are pro-life and pro-family!

— Tess Syren, Anchorage

Father Ted Kestler was a ‘great’ man

Father Ted Kestler was my brother-in-law. I’m married to his brother. He was one of the greatest men that I ever met in my life. He will be sadly missed on this end, as I know all of those that he loved and cared for and dedicated his life to will miss him very much. Thank you all for being in his life and showing him the love that he showed each and every one of you. Thank you.

—Donna Kestler, Maryville Tennessee

Classmate recalls Fr. Kestler’s friendship

Father Ted Kestler was my classmate and very good friend in philosophy and theological studies. His sharp mind, embracing friendliness and sense of humor are embedded in my memory. I will miss him. May he rest in God’s peace!

— Father Ray Allender, SJ, Online submission

Father Kestler was my favorite teacher

Father Ted Kestler was one of my very favorite teachers at Bellarmine Prep in the 1970s. He was smart, funny and thought provoking. He’d have long conversations with the class not only about math but also about religion and social issues.

When I think of him, I remember one of his favorite sayings when faced with a difficult test question, “This will put a little mathematical hair on your chest.”

May God bless you, Father Ted.

— Colleen McNally McDougall, Online submission

Baptismal decline and Mass attendance link

I think that the decline in infant baptisms corresponds to the decline in Mass attendance, at least partially. All of our active parishioners who have babies are getting them baptized as infants. Those we never see, but identify as Catholics, are most likely the ones who wait. In their case, we are happy to see them return, and with catechesis, are happy to baptize the children.

— Deacon Walter Corrigan, Online submission

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