Anchorage Archbishop Etienne asks for feedback on sex abuse crisis


In the wake of sex abuse allegations against clergy in various U.S. dioceses as well as dioceses in other nations, the Archdiocese of Anchorage is encouraging local Catholics to submit comments and questions related to the church’s response to abuse cases.

Last month the Anchorage Archdiocese created a link on its website allowing users to submit comments and questions to Archbishop Paul Etienne.

Upon launching the new comment link, Archbishop Etienne tweeted that the aim is to allow “people to give input regarding the present challenges we face as church. We want to hear from you.”

The website notes that the “horrors of child abuse continue to haunt the church and its victims. In order to deal with this crisis in a responsible, accountable, and transparent manner, the archbishop is working to address the concerns of victims, parishioners, and the broader community.”

The website adds that the archdiocese “values everyone’s thoughts regarding the abuse against the vulnerable of our church and the church’s response.”

“We want to make available an opportunity for everyone to express their thoughts,” the website continues, asking Catholics to “please submit any questions or comments and offer recommendations.”

The website contains an option to submit comments and questions anonymously if preferred. The identity of those submitting concerns, questions or comments and recommendations will not be made public.

When possible, answers to questions submitted will be posted publicly through the archdiocese website and the Catholic Anchor.

“Comments and suggestions will be shared with Archbishop Etienne and his staff, and at his discretion, may be published,” the website notes.

The notice ends by affirming that it is the “policy of the Archdiocese of Anchorage to report all allegations of abuse or endangerment of a minor or vulnerable adult or child pornography.”

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  1. October 2018 @ 9:02 am Mildred Richards

    Most Reverend Archbishop Etienne: Thank you for this opportunity to assess our thoughts concerning this long standing stain on our faith. It is my believe unless a full inventory is conducted of all dioceses this problem will continue to haunt us. My suggestion is that Pope Francis should call
    all bishops and cardinals to Rome and request an accounting of all dioceses — something like the census that was conducted so many years ago. This should determine the priests who were sent from parish to parish. This would be a mighty undertaking but not impossible. It could be accomplished with the help of the laity. I gladly would volunteer to be on such a committee.
    Prayers alone cannot heal the church.

    Yours in Christ.


  2. September 2018 @ 7:56 am Jeremy

    Thank you to the Archdiocese for opening this to the public. Thank you, Archbishop Etienne for your courageous leadership. Round two of the sex abuse scandal is primarily an Episcopal crisis. It’s painful to admit that people are losing trust in their shepherds. It’s even more painful to recognize that most of our current shepherds have done absolutely nothing wrong. They have inherited an absolute mess.

    The path to reparation and healing will be long and arduous. Many dioceses across the nation are releasing names of credibly accused members of the clergy. This is a good step, but it’s not far enough. We must go further by calling out the sins of our past shepherds. Vaguely denouncing cover-ups is ineffective in the eyes of the victims. It seems like a good PR move at best. However, naming individual bishops that covered up specific, credible cases of abuse is gut-wrenching. But this is the way forward. This is the way of courage and love. This is the way to reach and touch the wounds of victims that have been reopened in the past few months. When we go to Confession, we don’t tell the priest that we have sinned in general and then receive absolution. We must have the courage to boldly and specifically name the sins of our past in order to heal. The same is true in this situation. Any act from past bishops of moving priests around, keeping people quiet, bribing or strong-arming victims should be directly called out. Each of our current bishops should work to denounce these cover-ups from past bishops in their own diocese. Not every bishop has behaved this way, of course. But any stone left unturned will be a deep wound in the Church that will only get worse as time goes on. I am convinced that this is the way toward true healing for the victims and their families. It will depend on a radical trust in God along with a holy, unshakable desire for the truth. We must stay rooted in Jesus and the Scriptures throughout this process. We must stay close to the Blessed Mother as well. This will be incredibly difficult, but take courage. God is with you and the truth will set us free. Please know that I write with the deepest respect and love for Jesus Christ and the Church he gave us. I promise that I will continue to pray for you. May God bless you. In Christ through Mary.


  3. September 2018 @ 10:45 am Mary Mar

    we must Love GOD with All our PURE Heart,
    We must Follow
    GOD’s Ten Commandment.
    Everyone of us need to Follow
    JESUS’s Foot path.


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