LETTERS: Catholics who support abortion wound the church

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Deacon moved by deacon’s struggles

Though I have never had such issues with my health, the November article on Deacon Curt Luenberger’s experience has inspired and uplifted my spirit. I know the pain of not being healthy enough to continue in my ministry as a deacon, at least at church and on the altar, sharing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus at the eucharistic celebration through my homilies and meeting the parishioners. Though I have continued some of my ministry through a website I started it certainly does not replace the parish nor the congregation. I relate so well to Deacon Curt’s having to be dependent on others. It is a difficult situation to deal with. But like him, I solely rely on our Lord to get me through each day as is his will. I certainly do applaud the parishioners at St. Michael’s in Palmer for their strong love for their deacon and the power of that love through prayer and deeds for their servant Deacon Curt. I know that all involved in this remarkable effort, if not already, most certainly will be blessed by God. I am so grateful for the life I have, my wife, children, grandchildren and extended family. I will hold all of you in my daily prayers, for you are truly the Body of Christ.

— Deacon Steve A. Politte, Old Mines, Missouri


Supporting abortion wounds the church

Abortion is a grave sin against God’s natural and moral laws and against his teaching church. By allowing professed Catholic politicians who publicly deny and vehemently oppose the church’s teaching on abortion to remain in his church, I believe many Catholics are persuaded to wrongly accept the culture of death. This is scandalous.

Holy Communion is a sign of unity among the faithful who are to be single-minded in God’s truth. But allowing public dissenters to receive Christ in Holy Eucharist promotes disunity and sacrilege in the church. This contributes to the destruction of the family, marriage, womanhood, faith, truth, life, love and the church.

Let us pray for the church to boldly proclaim the truth in the face of such opposition.

— Jon Eric Thompson, Anchorage

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