LETTERS: Readers weigh in on vandalism of Anchorage cathedral

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Editor’s note: Reader comments about the vandalism at Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage are in response to the original Catholic Anchor article. To read an updated article, click here.


Cathedral damage a ‘shame’

It is such a shame that hatred caused such damage. Deacon Jim Hostman and I have wonderful memories of our years at Holy Family Cathedral. We pray that all will be restored. God bless you one and all.

 — Gini Hostman, Alsea, Oregon


If possible, keep cathedral open for midday prayers

When I travel to Anchorage from Unalaska on business, I stay at the Captain Cook. During my daily breaks, I go to Holy Family Cathedral to pray the midday prayer. I’d hate to see it locked during the day but understand if it is. God Bless.

—   Dan Winters, Unalaska


Teacher enjoys papal ambassador’s visit

We enjoyed the visit to Lumen Christi High School by Pope Francis’ ambassador to the United States, Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, as much as we enjoyed Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s tour of our school last spring. Once again a happy buzz infused the building. It was great! The kids described Archbishop Vigano as “such a gentle spirit,” and they loved talking with him either in Spanish or English. Thank you, your Excellency, for fitting Lumen into your busy schedule!

— Antje Carlson, Anchorage (Teacher at Lumen Christi)


Pro-life advocacy is really a nonpartisan project

The 2014 midterm elections emerged as a watershed moment, producing a Republican House and Senate. We can expect the lightning-rod abortion issue to come to the fore over the next few years. Everyone familiar with the abortion debate recognizes that the issue divides quite starkly between progressive (pro-choice) and conservative (pro-life). Yet being pro-life need not be a Republican-and-conservative-only project. Here is why.

At the time of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, abortion was presented as an important alternative to a woman in a terrible position (homelessness, poverty, inability to parent, etc…). What was not understood, and has taken the decades since the Roe decision to come to light, is the devastating effects of abortion on the women who undergo them. Consider this data about post-abortive women from professional medical journals: 64 percent of women having abortions felt pressured by others; 31 percent suffered health complications; about 10 percent suffer immediate complications of which 20 percent are life-threatening; 65 percent suffer multiple symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Suicide rates are six times higher if women abort vs. giving birth.

In one study, 26.7 percent of post-abortive women indicated relationship problems caused by an abortion experience. In another large, well-controlled, prospective study, 22 percent of German women’s relationships with their partners had ended a year later.

Find more evidence of the damage abortion does to women at afterabortion.org.

All people of good will, be they conservative or progressive, Democrat or Republican, want women to prosper. As the factual effects of abortion on women gain wider and wider currency, let us hope that all sides unite on behalf of women and recognize that abortion hurts and does not help them. Let us stand with women in crisis pregnancies to choose life for themselves and for their children.

— Rudy Poglitsh, Wasilla


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  1. December 2014 @ 5:03 pm Jonathan Butzke

    Why is there no security camera system and other safety systems in the cathedral?
    I would hope all the newer catholic church buildings and catholic schools in Alaska have them. If not, it is ridiculous not to.
    If it is the same vandals and law breakers, it would be good to know who to prosecute and try to get some retribution for the damage if possible. Even homeless people get PFD’s.


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