LETTER: Obamacare column made me ‘sit up and take notice’

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Last week while on vacation I had the opportunity to read several editions of the Catholic Anchor which I receive regularly from my daughter who lives in Anchorage.

The January column by Christina Martin (“Why I’ll pay the fine instead of buying Obamacare”) really made me sit up and take notice, as this subject on abortion is very dear to me. Christina’s column says it as it is. Whether or not one is a Catholic is not the issue. Killing unborn human life is the issue.

I am very fortunate to have access to your publication which provides many worthwhile articles. I plan to make copies of Christina’s column and distribute them to as many of my friends as will accept them.

Keep up the good work.


— Dolores DiPrete, Wakefield, RI

'LETTER: Obamacare column made me ‘sit up and take notice’'
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