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Where are the Christians?

I like that the U.S. Congress opens with a prayer and that “In God We Trust” still survives in print on our money. However, recent news reports seem to suggest that Christian values are fading when the reflex too often is to kill.

When one state passes a law enabling churches to allow guns in churches, some herald this as progress for our Second Amendment rights to protect ourselves (Note: one of typical training mantras for this self defense training is the “triple tap” in which you immediately fire two shots to the body mass and the third to the head). I wonder where “Thou shall not kill” went?

When water boarding of suspected terrorists is facetiously framed as “baptism” some are amused with this concept. But, where is Christianity? Such cleverness only seems to degrade one of the central tenets of our faith.

When the implementation of the death penalty sentence fails in another state, the focus is on the humaneness of the killing process but with little attention to the question of “Thou shall not kill.” This raises many questions: If God’s hands on earth are our hands, what would he think of the practice of spending an average of a million dollars to execute convicted prisoners? What else could we do with those resources for the “least among us.” Where are the Christians?

— Robert Hammaker, Palmer


Cardinal Dolan’s talk reveals true ‘servant’

My wife and I were in attendance for Cardinal Dolan’s recent presentation at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church with a standing room audience — not a pew or chair wasn’t filled. Cardinal Dolan spoke as if he was speaking to each and every one of us there. He is truly a servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

— Ron McCoy, Anchorage


It’s never too late to thank a military veteran

The service of the military community is well known in time of war. What is less known is the service of veterans in peace time.

I received 14 hours of blood transfusions for surgery to correct a birth defect — a narrow aorta — in 1954, from the Veterans Hospital in Denver.

It’s never too late to say “thank you,” and show gratitude. Some of us can hire a vet, shovel a vet’s sidewalk or babysit children. A smile says, “Welcome home.” Most of all, keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

– Mary Patania, Anchorage

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